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Tropical, Travel and Expedition Medical Skills Course (TTEMS)

This five day course provides medical skills and didactic learning for the deployed and operational medical practitioner.

Course Description

Click here for up to date information about the course. [embed][/embed] The aim of the Tropical, Travel & Expedition Medical Skills (TTEMS) Course is to provide innovative and expert medical skills for the operational, deployed and offshore practitioners to become better and more proficient in their professional career.  

Online TrainingIntro to Tropical Medicine

Prior to arrival for the five day classroom training each student will have access to 40 guided online learning hours. This includes videos, powerpoint lectures and downloadable handouts covering the topics taught during the classroom training.  

Classroom Training

The TTEMS course will expand on the topics covered during the online learning. It will be hands on with scenario based patient assessments and casualty simulation with Hollywood trained special effects artists. The course is based in the stunning Pretty Bay beach on the southern coast of Malta. The course will be both lecture and hands on. Merit Training faculty aims to present these operational skills in a logical and progressive manner culminating in scenario based training with realistic moulage using Hollywood trained special effects artists with live casualty simulation. Day One: Course Overview Intro to Tropical and Expedition Medicine Remote and Offshore Medical Planning History Taking for the Remote Practitioner Head and EENT Emergencies Feet and Skin Issues Dental Emergencies Medical Emergencies: The six main medical problems in remote areas Day Two: Orthopaedic Injuries Assessment and Management Critical Care and Aviation Medicine Acid-Base theory, ABGs and lab values Respiratory Emergenciestwo altimeters Abdo and GI Emergencies Day Three: Dive Medicine Advanced Pharmacology: Analgesics & Antibiotics Genitourinary Issues and sexual health Environmental Issues Snakebites, Stings and Wee Beasties Expedition Health & Hygiene Joint Reductions Expedition/Remote Site Medical Kits Long Term Wound Care, Steri Strips and Suturing Day Four and Five: Intro to Tropical Medicine and Entrance Exammicroscopes Emerging Infectious Diseases Infectious Skin Diseases Influenza, Ebola & Avian Flu Tropical Water Supply & Sanitation Top 10 Tropical Diseases and treatments Diarrhoea & the Management of Acute Dehydration Tropical Pharmacology Lab Diagnosis for Tropical Diseases Tropical Medicine Cases Exam Review TTEMS Certificate Exam  


The TTEMS course is accredited by the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine and the Wilderness Medical Society for up to 29.75 hours of continuing medical education. These hours can also be used to meet some of the requirements for the Fellowship for the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM). Click here to see what FAWM credit you get for this course.  

Duration of Course Online

40 hours

Duration of Course Classroom

40 hours


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March and November of each year