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Course Details

US Tactical Paramedic Transition programme

The TPT is a course for military medics to upgrade to the civilian paramedic which will allow delegates to sit the US board certification exam for the Tactical Paramedic (TP-C).

Course Description

TPT is designed for the experienced military or police medical provider. It reviews the advanced medical skills needed whilst caring for the combat casualty with the ability for prolonged field care conditions.



Academic Accreditation

The Tactical Paramedic Transition programme is accredited by the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine and the Department of Education of Australia. 


Diploma of Paramedic Science

The programme includes the Diploma of Paramedic Science which is equivalent to the Associates Degree in the USA and the Higher Diploma in the UK. 


Merit TP-CThe board certification is certified through the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedics located in the United States. 

Online Training: 100 hours

Entrance Exam: All students must pass an entrance exam on the first day of the course. Anyone not passing this exam will not continue with the programme. This exam covers the online paramedic curriculum.

Paramedic Transition Classroom Training: 12 days of classroom based training in Malta or at your location.

Clinical Paramedic Training: 160 hours

We provide clinical placements in South Africa, Tanzania and Jordan. Military Medics can also arrange their own clinical placements in their home countries with prior approval from the training cadre.

Tactical Paramedic board exam: Once delegates have earned their diploma they can sit the US board certification exams in Flight Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic or the Tactical Paramedic.


What do you get for your tuition?

Classroom is located in Pretty Bay, Malta

  • Monitored online training
  • 12 days of classroom based training
  • Beach front location in Malta
  • Diploma of Paramedic Science
  • International Trauma Life Support – Military version




For the two weeks in Malta, beach side B&B and self catered flats are available and can be booked directly with the Seabreeze Hotel in Birzebbuga.



Tactical Paramedic board exam content outline:

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) curriculum
  • Haemorrhage control with hands on practise
  • Breathing assessment and skills

    Click here to see one of the online lessons.

  • Circulation assessment and skills
  • Medication Administration
  • Neurological Assessment
  • Trauma Management
  • Burn Patients
  • Rescue / Extraction
  • Incident Command System
  • Tactical Team Operations
  • Medical Mission Analysis
  • Legal Aspects of TacMed
  • Force Health Protection
  • Manage Injuries and Complications Associated with Less Lethal Weapons
  • Canine Management

The BCCTPC Tactical Paramedic exam content







Duration of Course Online

100 hours

Duration of Course Classroom

12 days


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ITLS Malta Merit Training




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Teaching Staff

Aebhric O’Kelly is a board certified Tactical Paramedic and a former US Army Green Beret.

Jason Jarvis is a board certified Tactical Paramedic, NREMT-P and a former US Army Green Beret.

Dr. Winston de Mello is a retired Colonel who taught the UK TCCC course (BATLS) and is a consultant anaesthetists and consultant burns specialist.


Upcoming Dates

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