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Course Details

Remote and Austere Medical Skills

The RAMS course is a two week programme that provides skills and hands on training for work in the oil and gas industry, expeditions, close protection operators and contract medics throughout the world. It starts with the TTEMS course and adds additional and advanced medical skills for the austere practitioner.

Course Description

Click here for up to date information about the course. [embed][/embed] Week 1 is the TTEMS course which covers the following topics:
  • History Taking for the Remote Practitioner
  • Head and EENT Emergencies
  • Feet and Skin Issues
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Medical Emergencies: The ten main medical problems in remote areas
  • Orthopaedic Injuries Assessment and Management
  • Critical Care and Aviation Medicine
  • Acid-Base theory, ABGs and lab values
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Abdo and GI Emergencies
  • Dive Medicine
  • Advanced Pharmacology: Analgesics, Antibiotics and RSI
  • Genitourinary Issues and sexual health
  • Environmental Issues
  • Snakebites, Stings and Wee Beasties
  • Expedition Health & Hygiene
  • Joint Reductions
  • Expedition/Remote Site Medical Kits
  • Long Term Wound Care, Steri Strips and Suturing
  • Intro to Tropical Medicine
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Infectious Skin Diseases
  • Influenza, Ebola & Avian Flu
  • Tropical Water Supply & Sanitation
  • Top 10 Tropical Diseases and treatments
  • Diarrhoea & the Management of Acute Dehydration
  • Tropical Pharmacology
  • Lab Diagnosis for Tropical Diseases
  • Tropical Medicine Cases
Additionally, there are live casualty scenarios with a Hollywood trained makeup artist to add real world scenarios focusing on Remote Medical cases and Tropical Medicine cases. Week 2 covers the skills required to set up and run a remote clinic. There are 30+ casualties available during the clinical skills days with our hollywood training special effects artist. The final exercise is an evening Prolonged Field Care scenario with live casualties treated in austere environments. Topics include:
  • Blood Analysis: Acid-Base and CBC
  • Field Medicine
  • Tactical Laboratory
  • Intro to Microscopy
  • Using a smartphone for laboratory diagnosis
  • Sepsis in the Wilderness
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Field Amputation, Fasciotomy, and Escharotomy
  • Buddy Transfusions
  • Operational Burns
  • Disaster Management, Refugees, and IDPs
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Dental Anaesthesia, Tooth Extraction
  • Casting of the Wrist and Ankle
  • Tactical Laboratory Skills
  • Ultrasound for Remote Environments
  • Ventilator Theory
  • Acupuncture for Operators
  • Advanced Suturing
  • Austere Critical Care
  • Tropical Medicine Case Studies II
  • Environmental Hazards
  This course is very hands on. It includes Hollywood trained special effects artists with local actors for students to practice on. This company worked on World War Z, Gladiator, Assassin's Creed as well as lesser known films. Online Training: 20 hours Classroom Training: 10 days Clinical Training: Optional clinical placements available for graduates. We have clinical placements in A&E, front line ambulances and hospitals in the United Kingdom, Moldova and Africa. Clinical training can be booked here.  

Remote and Tropical Medicine clinical placements

The College of Remote and Offshore Medicine provides clinical experience at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College in Moshi Tanzania. There are options for RAMS course graduates to get hands on training using these skills.   


     College of Remote and Offshore Medicine    Wilderness Medicine Society
  • WMS has accredited the TTEMS course for 29.75 CME credits.
  • These can be used to earn your FAWM.


Tactical Paramedic Option

     Become a US Board Certified Tactical Paramedic
  • BCCTPC computer exam available during this course for registered or diploma paramedics.
  • Online preparation is required.
  • Merit offers an online course that will cover the topics found on the exam.
  • Exam costs $435


Academic Option

     Diploma of Remote and Austere Medicine (Dip.RAM)
  • CoROM provides a diploma option for graduates of the RAMSC course.
  • 150 hours of clinical experience is required.
  • CoROM has Remote and Tropical Medicine placements in Tanzania that will meet this requirement.
  Find jobs in the industry   Our Instructors
  • Paramedics and Offshore Medics currently working in the Middle East and on oil rigs
  • A&E Consultants, Cardiologists and Anaesthetists
  • Former US Green Berets who are board certified Tactical Paramedics
  • Academic clinical lecturers from UK and EU universities
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Duration of Course Online

20 hours

Duration of Course Classroom

5 days for the TTEMS course + 5 days for the RAMS course


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€800. TTEMS cost is not included.


Graduate from the TTEMS course  Contact us if you want to use other past experience or training to skip the TTEMS  

Upcoming Dates

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March and December of each year