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Course Details

Minor Illnesses Course

Learn how to assess and manage minor illnesses seen in a remote or austere environment.

Course Description

For paramedics, remote medics and expedition medics who need to develop head knowledge and hand knowledge of minor illnesses that they may see whilst working in the Middle East, on oil rigs, transit vessels and remote clinics worldwide. This course provides an excellent background of knowledge on the most common presenting illnesses and conditions encountered by those who manage and treat adults in remote settings.  

Sample Topics Covered

Fever and flu-like illness Ear, Nose and Throat Common Cough and red flags Skin rash assessment and management Abdomen and Gastrointestinal problems Respiratory Tract Infection Head Injuries Pharmacological options for Minor Illness Cardiovascular diseases Shortness of Breath and red flags  

Hands on Clinical Skills Training

There are options for hands on training in an A&E following this course. Locations include: United Kingdom, Estonia, Malta, Moldova and South Africa. There is more information on our Clinical Placements page.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Duration of Course Online

40 hours

Duration of Course Classroom



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