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Minor Emergencies Course

Learn how to assess and manage minor injuries seen in a remote or austere environment.

Course Description

For paramedics, remote medics and expedition medics who need to develop head knowledge and hand knowledge of minor injuries that they may see whilst working in the Middle East, on oil rigs, transit vessels and remote clinics worldwide. This course provides an excellent background of knowledge on the most common presenting injuries and conditions encountered by those who manage and treat adults in remote and austere settings.



72 Minor Injuries Covered

Abscess Dislocated Kneecap Laceration
Ankle Sprain Dislocated Shoulder Migraine
Athlete’s Foot Dizziness Muscle Cramps
Back Pain Ear Infections Nose Bleed
Bee Sting Earwax Blockage Plantar Fasciitis
Blisters Epididymitis Puncture Wounds
Bruise Fainting Rib Fracture
Bug Bite Finger Dislocation Ring Removal
Burns Fingernail Injury Runny Nose
Canker Sore Fingertip Injury Scaphoid Fracture
Cellulitis Fits Shoulder Separation
Cervical Strain Foreign Body In Ear Sinusitis
Chest Cold Foreign Body In Eye Smoke Inhalation
Chest Pain Foreign Body In Foot Sore Throat
Collar Bone Fracture Foreign Body In Skin Splinter
Colourful Urine Foreign Body In Throat Sprains In General
Concussion Foreign Body Under The Nail Subungual Hematoma
Conjunctivitis Fractured Toe Sunburn
Constipation Gouty Arthritis Tension Headache
Corneal Abrasion Heat Illness Tick Bite
Dental Pain Hives Urinary Tract Infection (Lower)
Dental Trauma Hypothermia Urinary Tract Infection (Upper)
Dermatitis Impaled Object Vomiting
Diarrhoea Knee Sprain Zipper Entrapment


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Hands on Clinical Skills Training

There are options for hands on training in an A&E following this course in Moldova and South Africa. There is more information on our Clinical Placements page.


Final Exam

Pass mark is 80% or higher. There is only have one attempt for this exam. There are 35 multiple choice questions and takes one hour. There are no retests for this exam. If you fail this exam you will have to retake the entire course.


40 CPD/CME credit hours


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Duration of Course Online

40 hours

Duration of Course Classroom



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