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Remote Industry Paramedic (EMT-P)

The Industry Paramedic Programme is our flagship course which is a 1200 hour university accredited programme designed specifically for the remote medic, oil and gas industry, expeditions, close protection operators and contract medics throughout the world. The course covers both city based paramedic skill sets and remote paramedic training with an emphasis on high quality prolonged field care for remote and operational environments.

Course Description


   ALS Paramedic is the required level of training for Remote Medics, Offshore Medics and Tier 2 medics for jobs in close protection, mining, security, oil and gas, maritime vessels and expeditions. This course provides academic training and clinical experience necessary to competently operate in these sectors. Delegates begin the course by completing Phase 1 which focuses on Anatomy, Pathophysiology,  Pharmacology and intro to Cardiology. Phase 2 covers city based paramedic skills and follows the main course textbook, Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets with 51 online exams. Phase 3 covers advanced skills needed for Offshore Medics and Remote Paramedics working in a primary healthcare clinic. This includes ultrasound, GP skills, tropical medicine, orthopaedics, antibiotics, dive medicine, altitude medicine and RSI.

   This accelerated course is based on the guidelines for the US Paramedic which meets the requirements for city based Ambulance Paramedics. Graduates can apply for jobs as Tier Two Paramedics worldwide.

More information about the Remote Paramedic programme can be found here.


Entrance Exam: All delegates are required to sit the EMT Basic exam on day one of the course. Distance Learning: 550 hours Classroom Training: 4 weeks Clinical Experience: 400 hours This training can be divided into multiple trips. We have clinical placements in A&E, remote clinics and hospitals in the United Kingdom, Jordan and Africa.   - Dates: Rolling start dates. Classroom testing and skills are offered five times each year. Australia Accreditation     Malta Registered Paramedic
  • Graduates from the Industry Paramedic course can register as paramedics in Malta.
  • More information at


Follow on Options Merit TP-C

Certified Tactical Paramedic

    Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine
  • WMS has accredited the TTEMS course for 29.75 CME credits.
  • These can be used to earn your FAWM.
  HSE-logoHSE Offshore Medics Course
  • Graduates of the Industry Paramedic course can attend the HSE Offshore Medics Course.
  • Many of our graduates have attended this course.
      CCP logo US Board Certification for Critical Care Paramedics
  • Graduates of the Industry Paramedic course can attend the Critical Care Paramedic Course
  • There are plenty of jobs available for this qualification in the Middle East
  • Starting wages can be £500 per day
      Read our reviews   Find jobs in the industry   Our Instructors
  • Paramedics and Offshore Medics currently working in the Middle East and on oil rigs
  • A&E Consultants, Cardiologists and Anaesthetists
  • Former US Green Berets who are board certified Tactical Paramedics
  • Academic clinical lecturers from UK and EU universities
  What do you get for your tuition?
  • Monitored online training
  • Four weeks of classroom testing and training
  • 400 hours of clinical placements
  • At least two instructors in the classroom
  • Minimum instructor to student ratio of 1:4
  • Registration through the Malta Registry of Paramedics
    Course Certificates
  • Industry Paramedic from Merit Training
  • International Trauma Life Support - Military (ITLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Tropical, Travel and Expedition Medical Skills Course (TTEMS)
  • Prehospital Airway and Rapid Sequence Intubation Course (PARSIC)
    What is not included with this course:
  • Travel to the classroom and clinical locations
  • Accommodation
  • Food during classroom and clinical placements
  • Textbooks must be purchased by the student
  • Travel and health insurance for the duration of the training
  • Immunisation shots
  • Criminal background check required for clinical placements


See where some of our graduates are working...

Remote Clinic in Africa                            Seismic Vessel in Asia   CP Medic in Basra                                    Medic on the Mediterranean   Ship's Medic                                             Navy Medic    Tent clinic Ship's Medic                                       Medic in Africa

Duration of Course Online

4-6 months

Duration of Course Classroom

Four weeks in Malta or South Africa. These can also be done in two-week blocks with prior approval from the teaching staff. This course is offered worldwide for organisations with ten or more paramedic students who want a private course run at their facilities.


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Any applicant under the age of 25 years must have an interview before applying. Emergency Medical Technician, FREC 4, Ambulance Technician, Basic Ambulance Assistant, MIRA or equivalent. All paramedic applicants must show that they have had at least 40 hours of current patient contact within the past year.


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Clinical placements

can be arranged during the classroom training.

Upcoming Dates

It is also possible for students to split this into two blocks of two weeks each.
2018 dates will be offered by the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine