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Critical Care Transport and Flight Paramedic Course

We provide the largest review course for the American BCCTPC exam offered outside of the United States.

Course Description


This course is for registered paramedics and doctors who would like to become a Flight Paramedic or Critical Care Paramedic. Students use the ACEP’s Critical Care Transport curriculum with online coursework and exams.

The course is taught by the Merit medical director, Dr. Winston de Mello, who has extensive experience with transport medicine in civilian and military settings.

Dr. Csaba Dioszeghy will also be teaching with Dr. de Mello on the course. Csaba is a consultant cardiologist as well as a consultant anaesthetist.

Additionally, Merit Training invites Critical Care and Flight Paramedics who are currently working in the industry.

book nowCourse Overview

Part I: 40 hours self guided learning

Part II: 6 days of classroom based training and testing.

Part III: Optional clinical placement with HEMS Budapest.

Clinical placements are not mandatory in order to sit for the Board Certification Exam.


Click for more photos from the HEMS Placement in Hungary.

Click for more photos from the HEMS Placement in Hungary.

What you get with this course:

Three highly qualified instructors with over 80 years of experience between them

Accommodation in a self catered flat in a beach town in Malta

Online access to the course materials and five days of classroom training, plus one additional day for sitting the chosen BCCTPC exams.




The syllabus will include: Aircraft Fundamentals, Safety and Survival, Trauma Management, Flight Physiology, Advanced Airway Management Techniques, Neurological Emergencies, Critical Cardiac Patient, Respiratory Patient, Toxic Exposures, Obstetrical Emergencies, Neonates, Paediatric, Burn Patients, General Medical Patient and Environmental injuries.


Board Certification Exam for the Flight Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic or Tactical Paramedic:
If students wish to sit any of the BCCTPC exams they can arrange to do so at an additional cost of €250 per exam.


HEMS Clinical PlacementHEMS Budapest

Board certified Flight Paramedics (FP-C) and Critical Care Paramedics (CCP-C) can enrol for helicopter based clinical placements in Budapest Hungary. This placement is with the main HEMS station in Hungary. There are around 3-5 calls each day. This is a VFR only station so placements can only take place during daylight hours. This placement is available for three or four days at a time.


August 2014 Course

August 2014 Course






Jobs available

Graduates of this course who gain the board certification for critical care paramedics (CCP-C) can find work in the Middle East where the starting salary is £5000 per month tax free. Merit Training will assist graduates with finding companies who would hire paramedics and doctors who have this certification.

Jan15 CCT Malta

January 2015 Course


Non Paramedics

If you are not a registered paramedic but have medical training such as a nursing degree, operating room practitioner or other allied healthcare professional you will have to transition into the Industry Paramedic registration. Give us an email to see how you can transition into a paramedic and then be able to sit this American Board Certification exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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As you will have hands on training with specimens, you will need to have some 5.11 type trousers. We will give you coveralls and polo shirts to wear in class.


  • Your chosen exam is noted on your invoice.
  • Changes can be made to bookings of the BCCTPC exams up to a maximum of one (1) month before the start of the course.
  • You may choose to take additional exams, or a change of exam. Each BCCTPC exam costs EUR250 and you can choose from the following:
  1. BCCTPC Board Certification Exam for Tactical Paramedic (TP-C)
  2. BCCTPC Board Certification Exam for Critical Care Paramedic (CCP)
  3. BCCTPC Board Certification Exam for Flight Paramedic (FP)

Simply send us an e-mail on:

What similarities are there between the 3 exams?

There is no overlap with the TP-C exam.

The FP and CCP exams are almost identical except that the FP exams have a few questions on flight paramedic. CCP is more medical without any flight paramedic questions.

Final Exam:

  • Exams will be computer based for the online training and written whilst in class.
  • We are teaching to the 2015 ILCOR guidelines which the AHA, ASHI and ERC follow.
  • There are practice online tests that can be accessed online. They are smartphone applications and cost USD10 to purchase.
  • The actual exam is proctored by a US representative of BCCTPC and it is a written exam.

RESULTS: BCCTPC advise that the results can take up to 2-months to be released.

  • During the course, all medical kit needed will be available to you.
  • There will also be an opportunity to purchase items to add to your own personal med kit.


Airport transfers are not included in the course package. Taxis can easily be picked up outside Malta International Airport.

We do not provide physical textbooks or PDF copies of textbooks (eBooks). If you choose to purchase the physical textbook, you may do so at your own expense.

  • Yes, payment plans are available. We try to accommodate students where we can.
  • A deposit of  Eur250 is required to secure your place and to gain access to our online learning environment.  These are not refundable however may be transferable to another course date.
  • The balance is then paid 1-month prior to the start of the classroom training phase.
  • Certain T&C apply. Further details available here:

Merit Training's Critical Care Transport course consists of:

  • DISTANCE LEARNING (40 hours)
  • BCCTPC EXAMS (1 day - optional)
  • The BCCTPC exams are proctored by a BCCTPC examiner.
  • Access to the distance learning phase of the course is provided upon receipt of a deposit or payment in full.
  • Completion of this study material is highly recommended but not mandatory
  • Course attendance gives access to a clinical placement opportunity with HEMS Budapest.
  • You may choose not to take any exams and partake in the distance learning and classroom training only.

The prerequisite requirement for this course is medical training to the level of: registered paramedic or physician.

  • Board Certification Exam for the Flight Paramedic, or
  • Critical Care Paramedic, or
  • Tactical Paramedic

€ 1,650 course fee plus €250 per BCCTPC exam.


  • Three highly qualified instructors with over 80 years of experience between them
  • Accommodation in a self catered flat in a beach town in Malta
  • Online access to the course materials and five days of classroom training, plus one additional day for sitting the chosen BCCTPC exams
  • As the online content of this course is not mandatory (but highly recommended to complete), you may register up to one month before start of class ---  if taking any of the BCCTPC exams.
  • Or as little as a few days before start of class --- if no BCCTPC exams are being taken.

As this is a popular class and places fill up quickly, it is recommended to secure your place earlier rather than later.

  • Accommodation is included in the course package.
  • This course will be held at Seabreeze Hotel which is located in the seaside town of Birzebbuga. Your accommodation will be here as well. The classroom is located on the first floor of the hotel. Enter the building by the side entrance (hotel reception) and make your way upstairs. There, the classroom is located to your left.
  • Students will share spacious three-bedroom apartments at Seabreeze Hotel. Facilities there are simple but adequate. Each student will have a room to themselves. They will share kitchen, bathroom and lounge area. All apartments have WIFI, which is free. Towels are provided and usually changed once a week along with sheets on cleaning day. However, if guests require clean towels more often, they can ask at reception and these will be provided at no extra cost.
  • Accommodation is available for you for the night prior to commencement of the course up to and including the night following the end of the course.
  • Check-in time at Seabreeze Hotel is 14:00hrs. If you arrive early, you may still check in at reception and leave your bags at the hotel. On occasion, your room may be available for an early check-in.
  • Students will have a kitchen available in their apartment for preparing meals.
  • A washing machine is available for your use and this is located on the ground floor of each block. There is a charge of €2 per hour. Keys can be collected from the reception desk.
  • Online orders can be made conveniently at
    (Delivery for orders of over €75 is free.)

Questions and persons whom to contact directly at Merit Training:

  • Registrations/Finance:
  • Course content:
  • Clinical Placements:

General Payment Terms:

  • An electronic invoice is issued and this enables you to make payments by credit card or PayPal.
  • Alternatively, it allows you to conveniently send us a message about payment by bank transfer.

Making a payment:

  • Locate the ‘Pay Now’ button at the top right of the invoice page.
  • When clicking on it, you will be given three different options: with card Pay with Card: Secure credit card payment through STRIPE.

2. PayPal PayPal: You will be redirected to PayPal’s website for payment.

3.other Bank transfer, wire transfer, BACS or EURO cheques: Our preferred method of payment, especially for amounts over € 500.

  • How it works:
    Use your online banking facility to make a payment. Alternatively, you go to your bank and organise a bank transfer or wire transfer. You can also send a cheque or postal order, but these need to be in EURO.
  • Include your name or your invoice number when making payment.
  • When that is done, go back to the notification email for this invoice and re-open it in your browser.
  • Select this payment option and enter the amount and the date. (No need to enter Check/PO or Reference Number.) - Submit this note. -This will let us know to expect your payment.
  • When the payment shows up on our end, we will send you a notification message.

General Notes and Bank Details:

  • Bank transfer (also known as wire transfer or BACS) is our preferred method for receiving payment.
  • All payment charges for international bank transfers should be shared equally between sender and receiver (choose appropriate setting when setting up bank transfer)

    Merit Training Ltd. Bank Details

    Bank: BOV


    IBAN: MT08VALL22013000000040022908454

    Account Number: 40022908454

    Bank address: Bank of Valletta plc, 58, Zachary Street, Valletta, Malta

All our invoices are in EURO and only payment in this currency can be accepted.

  • No refunds are given, however exceptions can be made, at our discretion, if cancellation occurs six weeks before the course is due to begin.
  • As part of the preparations for attendance of any Merit Training course, students are required to ensure that they have the necessary visas to enter Malta if they they hold a passport that makes this necessary.
  • The visa application process and the inherent risk of not being able to obtain a visa and therefore not being in a position to attend a course are solely the responsibility of the student.
  • Unless course attendance is cancelled six weeks in advance of the course dates, Merit Training cannot return any course fees in the case of a student's not being in a position to obtain a visa.
  • We are not in a position to offer advice on visa issues - Please check with the relevant embassy or consulate.
  • As part of the visa application process, applicants may require certain documents. The document most often requested from us is a Letter of Invitation.
  • On request, we can provide a scanned copy of a signed and stamped ‘Letter of Invitation’. This letter will include details of course, dates, course location and location of accommodation. (Whichever is applicable.)

It is Merit Training's strict policy to supply a "Letter of Invitation" only when the booking process has been completed.

           The booking process is complete when:

  • The application form has been filled out,
  • An invoice has been issued,
  • Payment in full received,
  • All prerequisite documents (such as proof of level of medical training) have been received.

Generally, a scanned copy of this letter is acceptable for the purpose of supporting a visa application.

Should applicants wish to receive the original copy of this letter by post, Merit Training can do so, at no extra charge.

It can also be sent by courier, for a charge of €40. (Payable in advance, by credit card or by PayPal.)

Request a letter of invitation here.

  • Textbook (if one was purchased) Notebook/ Paper / Pens / Laptop (according to preference) Professional-looking, casual clothing (collared shirts) should be worn during class.
  • During the course, all medical kit needed will be available to you.
  • There will also be an opportunity to purchase items to add to your own personal med kit.
  • Lectures will begin at 8 am sharp. Lectures will end around 5 pm. Each day there will be a one-hour lunch break. Lunch is not provided, but can easily be sourced nearby.
  • WIFI is available free of charge.
  • Shops and restaurants are located nearby. There is a restaurant located on the ground floor of the hotel that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner or you may choose to stay at a cafe or restaurant located right on the seaside which is only a 2 minute walk away!
  • One the first day of class you will be required to sign a liability waiver form. You may spend some time out of doors in scenario-based learning. During the entire course our instructors will be monitoring the events and providing a safe and effective learning environment. Practice scenarios will consist of students responding to fictional injuries and incidents. Participants will be asked to take turns being casualties as well as responders. Fake blood and moulage sets as well as sound effects may be used to make the experience more engaging. Please inform a member of staff if you are concerned that these simulations may raise any seriously uncomfortable or stressful emotions. It is our intention to provide the absolute best medical training available and this will, at times, challenge your comfort zone and your medical knowledge. Merit Training will support you through the process of gaining excellent medical knowledge and experience. We are also there to support you throughout the journey of becoming a medic, which will bring up some emotional as well as physical challenges. We are proud to provide a learning environment where students support each other through all challenges. Staff will always be available to give additional individual support whenever needed.
  • Students will arrive into Malta International Airport (MLA). This is Malta's only airport.
  • Journey time to the Seabreeze Hotel is approximately ten minutes.
  • Taxi stands can be found directly as you exit departures.
  • Here is a map of the location that shows details of local amenities.

BCCTPC: Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification, FP-C: Certified Flight Paramedic, CCP-C: Certified Critical Care Paramedic


Duration of Course Online

40 hours

Duration of Course Classroom

5 days + 1 day for exams





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€1250 (plus exam fees)


Registered Paramedic

Prehospital Nurse


Upcoming Dates

This course is usually held in Malta.

It can also be offered in Jordan, Qatar, UAE and worldwide.

Every April and October