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Course Details

Advanced EMT (NREMT, US)

This NREMT AEMT program allows graduates to sit the US Department of Transportation exam and earn the US Advanced EMT qualification.

Course Description

The NREMT US Advanced EMT (AEMT) is an internationally recognised qualification accepted by both industry and civilian operators worldwide.

Part I: 4-6 months online training

Part II: 6 days classroom based training consisting of lectures, hands on training and OSCE exams in Malta.

Part III: 2 week clinical placement in Texas


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What is included:

  • AEMT online training and course books
  • 5 days of classroom training and materials
  • 168 hours of clinical training in the United States
  • American Heart Association CPR card
  • Optional pre week for additional hands on paramedic lectures and training.
  • Optional post week for the ACLS, PALS and ITLS certifications.


What is not included:

  • Travel, housing or food for the classroom training in Malta
  • Travel, housing or food for the clinical rotation in the United States
  • NREMT Basic and AEMT exams in Texas
  • Any costs for retests in Malta and the United States



Duration of Course Online

4-6 months

Duration of Course Classroom

5 days




Emergency Medical Technician

Upcoming Dates

This course is offered in Malta

on going enrolment