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Arrival in Malta

We are currently changing how we arrange for student/instructor arrival in Malta. We ask for your understanding with any confusion or questions that arise in this process, due to an outdated link or bookmark that will have led you to …

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by admin | 8th August 2016

Community Paramedic

        The CP-C programme is gaining ground in the US, Canada and here in the EU. Here is a linkedin blog about it.

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by admin | 12th June 2016

New Diploma available

Graduates from the Industry Paramedic Course can earn their Diploma of Paramedic Science from Australia. There are jobs available in Australia for this diploma. Graduates can choose to continue training and earn their BSc in Paramedic Science. More information will …

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by admin | 28th November 2015

New Course launched

Dive Medical Technician course will be offered in January. Take a look. 

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by admin | 28th September 2015

Prolonged Field Care

  The difference between a good medic and a great medic is how we deal with stressful situations under less-than-optimal conditions. Learning the skills and using the tools to transition from casualty stabilisation to a long term healthcare plan is …

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by admin | 15th August 2015

Merit at NATO SOF

Merit was recently invited to give a presentation for the NATO SOF SOCM committee in Pfullendorf, Germany.

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by admin | 8th May 2015


Merit is using a new CPD platform. This is the cutting edge keeping your professional portfolio.

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by admin | 25th April 2015

Civilian Accreditation for Military Medics

When I left the military I had thousands of hours of medical training and experience. I wanted to transition into a medical job as a civilian but unfortunately no agency would recognise the training that I had received. So I …

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by admin | 12th April 2015

Helicopter clinical placements

Merit is working on providing clinical placements on the HEMS ambulance helicopter in Budapest, Hungary. Anyone who is a qualified Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C) or Flight Paramedic (FP-C) is welcome to contact us for a week on the air ambulance.

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by admin | 3rd April 2015

Paramedic Job in Malta

We are looking for someone to provide medical cover for a major film production here in Malta. You are needed for five months. The hourly rate is €13 and most days you will work for ten hours. Send us an …

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by admin | 14th March 2015