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About Merit Training

Aebhric O'Kelly FAWM, DipPara, TP-C, CCP-C

Founder of Merit Trainingaebhric-moas

With a background in Special Forces medicine, Aebhric brings to Europe a unique approach to Wilderness and Operational Medicine. After serving as a police officer, Aebhric spent ten years in the US Army where he trained in austere medicine as a Green Beret. Since he left the army his academic work in Medicine and Wilderness Psychology culminated in a Master’s degree. He is Senior Faculty for the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine.

Aebhric spent 3 years on the faculty for the Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support (BATLS) course run by the British Military and is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society, the Larrey Society and a level 5 member of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. He earned his Diploma of Paramedic Science and the Fellowship of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, he currently serves on the FAWM curriculum committee for WMS and is a board certified Tactical Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic. You can find him on LinkedIn.






Csaba Diozeghy MD PhD FCEM FERC FFICM, Senior InstructorCsaba
 ITLS Medical Director for Merit Training
Csaba is a senior consultant in emergency medicine and intensive care in Surrey, UK. His background is anaesthesia - intensive care and cardiology but also board certified in pre-hospital care and emergency medicine. He has more than 20 years experience in pre-hospital and in-hospital critical care and more than 15 years experience of teaching on different  life support and critical care courses all around Europe and beyond.





Sameer Carim MBChB FCEM, Medical AdvisorDr. Carim


Dr. Carim has a wealth of experience in emergency medicine and has worked in busy trauma units of hospitals in Europe and Africa. He is a fellow of the college of emergency medicine and is an examiner for both the Diploma and Fellowship examinations. He is a university lecturer in the division of emergency medicine. Sameer is particularly interested in emergency orthopaedics, procedural sedation and regional anesthesia and is particularly passionate about delivering expert care to patients in the public sector.









Niall Conroy MBChB, MPH, BSc (Hons)Dr. Niall Conroy

Niall is a public health and paediatric doctor with significant overseas experience. He has spent the last number of years practicing paediatrics in Sierra Leone, Somalia and Nepal. He has also worked in Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. His research interests lie in the field of neonatal care in resource-poor settings and he has published several papers on this topic in peer-reviewed medical journals. Niall has also worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and runs the neonatal care module for the Medicines Sans Frontiers Global health and Humanitarian Medicine course. From a pre-hospital perspective, Niall has been involved in the development of educational materials for EMTs and Paramedics in the UK and Ireland. You can find him on LinkedIn. 






Laszlo Gorove  MD, Senior Instructordr_gorove_laszlo
Critical Care Instructor for Merit Training

Laszlo is the Managing director of the Hungarian Air Ambulance Service. He specialises in trauma surgery, orthopaedics and emergency medicine. He is the Medical Director for the ITLS chapter of Hungary, Medical Director for the PHTLS chapter in Austria and the EPC Medical Director of Austria. His interests are in critical care, disaster medicine and formula one medical cover.







Danielle Wilhelm  MD, MScIH (Masters of Science in International Health)Danielle

Danielle is an Emergency Medicine physician who trained and received her board certification in the United States. She has several years of operational experience with the US Navy as both a flight surgeon and emergency physician. In addition, she has worked in remote medical hospitals and clinics in Africa and Asia. Currently, she lives in Germany and is pursuing a PhD in International Health focusing on developing countries at the University of Heidelberg. She continues to work clinically in the Las Cruces, New Mexico Emergency Department.






Emily Bayne  MBBS, GDip TropMed

Emily has a keen interest in Emergency and Wilderness Medicine and has spent some time working in Emergency Medicine, ICM and Anaesthesia. Her other passions include Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine. She has worked in both emergency care and rural settings in Madgascar, various parts of Somalia with the UN and more recently spent several months working with an NGO as an Ebola Doctor in Sierra Leone and has worked as an expedition medic in a variety of roles, which include spending four months in the jungle and summiting Kilimanjaro. When she is at home in the UK she likes to get involved as a medic for various events, including ultra marathons, mountain climbs and bike races.







Hannah Evans, MBBS, FAWMHannah

Having spent her formative years in Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia and ICM, she recently left the hospital environment to pursue a career as a rural GP. She has a keen interest in wilderness medicine, which has been further fuelled by providing medical cover for endurance events around the UK and the world.  She currently works part time as a motorsport doctor and BASICS Responder. She has recently gained a DTM&H and is working towards a Diploma in Remote and Offshore Medicine after starting to provide topside cover for some of the world’s most remote rigs and vessels. She teaches Expedition and Wilderness Medicine and has been approved as an instructor for ALS and AWLS courses. Hannah is studying for an MSc in Global Health and Infectious Disease and has recently started supervising medical student electives.








Toheed Ashraf, MBBS, Dipl Graphic DesignToheed Ashraf

Toheed is currently working as a House Officer at Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Teaching Hospital. He is interested in designing an Online Medical Documentation System for healthcare facilities in Pakistan. He has designed many of the online CPD courses for Merit and continues to push for better online learning options. He is a part-time freelance presentation designer and medical researcher whilst working as a junior doctor.

He designed the Pharmacology for Remote Medics, Minor Illness, Minor Emergencies and the ECG online course programmes.




Mike McCrudden 
MSc in Physician Assistant, Senior InstructorMike_thumb

Michael comes from Donegal where he settled after retiring from the US Special Forces. He served as a Green Beret medic before qualifying as a Physicians Assistant and as the battalion surgeon for the 10th Special Forces Group.  Mike served on the faculty of the Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support (BATLS) course taught by the UK Ministry of Defence and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

He teaches the Wilderness Emergency First Responder, Remote Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic courses.





Nick Dillon Offshore Medic, EMT-P, CCP-C, FP-C, Senior InstructorNick_thumb

Nick is a freelance medic and former officer UK forces with a strong expedition background having lead teams around the world from the jungles of Central America to high altitude mountain ranges of the Himalayas.

Also an Industry medic, experienced offshore medic and ships security officer Nick specialises in supporting international oil/gas companies operating in hostile environments on land along with highly remote projects such as those on board vessels and rigs. He has worked in areas such as Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Egypt and the North Sea on projects as diverse as underwater mine clearance in the Persian gulf to large production platforms near the arctic circle. You can find Nick on LinkedIn.





Jason Jarvis 18D EMT-P, Senior Instructor and Paramedic TutorJason and Thai

Jason is a former U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Sergeant and is currently bridging from Paramedic to RN. He is based in Seattle and has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, and Haiti. Jason currently teaches Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Tropical Medicine courses to the US and NATO militaries. His particular areas of interest are anaesthesia, surgical technique, and field dentistry.





Mario Ninno Registered Nurse, Masters in Tropical MedicineMario Ninno

Mario is an Italian Remote Area Medic and has worked for the over 20 years in Central Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He has a Masters degree in Security and Intelligence as well as Tropical Medicine.

He teaches on the Tropical, Travel and Expedition Medical Skills (TTEMS) course.









Tim Berrow Offshore Medic, EMT-P, RODP, Clinical TutorTim bio pic

Tim is an experienced UK registered Operating Department Practitioner, Industry Paramedic and HSE Offshore Medic, who has a special interest in anaesthesia, pre-hospital and remote medicine.

Tim has extensive experience of working in remote/hostile locations and in support of TV productions; during the last 5 years Tim has worked in the following locations; Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Guyana, India, Argentina, Turkey, Jordan, Uganda, Kenya and Kurdistan.

In order to maintain clinical currency Tim works as an Agency ODP back in the UK and is qualified to teach on the following courses; Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support, International Trauma Life Support, Difficult Airway Course, Paediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, First Person on Scene, Medicine in Remote Areas.

Tim is an online Clinical Tutor for Merit paramedic students.





Rhodri Jordan, UK Paramedic Off Shore Medic, BSc (Hon) MCPara NAEMT PA 340- Clinical Tutor

Rod Jordan

Rod is a highly qualified and experienced Paramedic who is comfortable working either independently, or managing a team providing both primary and trauma health care and medical support services in remote and austere locations. Rod commenced his career in the British military, later joining the NHS Ambulance service. He has assumed operational lead on a number of projects and has separately provided Safety & Medical services to numerous clients in varied settings including Algeria, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Iraq, Kenya, Guyana, Belize, Somalia, India (West Bengal & Assam) and Kurdistan. Rod has a special interest in all aspects of training and delivers both nationally recognised and bespoke training and educational courses to civilian, commercial and government agencies.

Rod is an online Clinical Tutor for Merit Paramedic students. You can find Rod on Linkedin.





Andrew Dudley BSc, FdSc, HPC Paramedic, Guest InstructorDudley bio photo

Andrew is a UK based Paramedic who divides his time between working for the NHS as a solo responder in a Rapid Response Vehicle in Bristol and a Flight Medic for the RAF Reserves specialising in worldwide aeromedical evacuation. He has led and been expedition medic for trekking and vehicle borne expeditions to Iceland, Borneo, Himalayas, North and East Africa. He has a specialist interest in the education of FPOS operatives who can make the critical difference in patient outcomes at the point of injury. He is currently studying towards Masters level at Paramedic Science and holds PHTLS, ALS, BATLS and other specialist military qualifications following service with LRRP and airborne forces.





Neil Coleman, MSc, HDip EMT-A, PCert Ed , Guest InstructorNeil Coleman pic

Beginning his career as a combat medic Neil has worked in many different facets of pre-hospital care including the Fire and Ambulance service, tactical medical care with the armed branch of the Police, Wilderness care and pretty much everything in between. Academically he spent 4 years as a clinical skills tutor in the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, was the national chair of ITLS Ireland and is currently on secondment to University College Dublin Medical School as a lecturer in Emergency Medical Science. 

He is clinically qualified as an Advanced Paramedic and maintains clinical practice on a rapid response vehicle and also working in both a GP surgery and a busy ED in his native Dublin. He also provides medical support to the armed branch of the police.





Chris Farmer, MSc, Clinical Tutor, MPara, Guest InstructorChris Farmer

Chris is an experienced clinician with experience in both hospital and pre hospital environments for nearly 15 years. He has worked as a Senior Lecturer within the UK academic system. He maintains a clinical role as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Emergency Medicine as well as working as an Emergency Care Practitioner. He is an instructor for the ALS, AMLS and PHTLS courses.  His clinical interests include Acute Medicine, Critical Care, Geriatrics and Paediatrics. His academic interests include Advanced Clinical Practice skills and clinician decision making. He believes a strong clinical education base is the foundation for sound clinical practice and embraces high fidelity teaching in education to consolidate clinical theory and skills. 





Matyas Soltenszky, HEMS paramedic, Guest Instructormatyas

Matyas works for the Hungarian HEMS in Budapest as a flight paramedic. He also works as an ambulance paramedic and emergency room technician. He teaches on the Industry Paramedic course teaching ITLS, ACLS and PARSIC courses. He graduated from the Merit Critical Care Transport Paramedic programme and earned his US board certified Critical Care Paramedic and Flight Paramedic.












Mirco Neri, Registered Nurse and Remote MedicMirco

Mirco is working as a freelance RN in a primary Italian hospital. He has over 15 years of experience in emergency and critical care in Italy and humanitarian missions overseas. In the past years has begun to work also as a Remote Site Medic / ALS Paramedic in the Oil and Mining Industry overseas. He his advanced trauma and cardiac care qualified.





Anna O'Kelly, Managing Director, Admissions, Systems Designeranna_pic

A passionate interest in systems design is what drives Anna to review and evaluate and improve how we do things here at Merit Training.

Much is possible. But only within the right context and with the right structure are ideas shaped to create real impact. That goes for all areas of our lives: The design of the spaces we live and work in (whether conscious or not), as well as the virtual space we are creating here at Merit Training. Here, highly motivated students meet excellent mentors. That's how ambitions turn into vocations. We are proud and priviledged to hold that space.

Anna loves cats and gardening. - Nature is the real teacher!


Clinical Placements

Wayne Van Kraayenburg, Clinical Placements Coordinator - South Africa.wayne_pic

Wayne served and studied in the South African Police service in the late 80’s early 1990’s with specific focus in the CID division and forensics. He also has basic first aid training, and has had various exposure to incidents of trauma and injury related incidents, due to the nature of the service in the country, especially the violent riots of 1991. Currently a private security specialist, he can expertly advise areas of travel, and avoidance for optimum safety, with a view to proactive measures. Wayne owns and runs the Biscuit B&B where students stay whilst on clinical placements in Johannesburg

Airport transfers, accommodation, advice and armed escorts can be arranged.



Ana ClimaAna Clima. Clinical Placements Coordinator - Moldova

I am a motivated and a passionate doctor.

My six years experience showed me that there is no medicine without passion. A doctor should be eager to help patients under any circumstances. The true medicine is outdoors, in the field, in the Emergency Department, where decisions should be taken very quickly. Training paramedical students helped me understand what qualities they need to posses in order to be a good doctor. Motivation, curiosity, eagerness, power, keen thinking, passion is what make outstanding doctors and paramedics.




Rita Leonowicz, Clinical Placements Coordinator - Texas, USA Rita Leonowicz pic

I currently work full time as a flight paramedic/respiratory therapist at Methodist Children's Hospital in San Antonio.

I have been working there for 25 years. I also own a small business and teach neonatal resuscitation program and hold instructor status in all the American Heart Association courses.

When I'm not working, I like to travel and see other countries.