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Monthly Archives: January 2014

29th January 2014

Day 5 in JoBurg: Push where the red is

I was once told that being a medic is easy. Air goes in and out, blood goes round and round. If either stop, you die. Simple. It was a call I had earlier that really pushed this home. 45 Year …

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27th January 2014

Day 4 in JoBurg: Finally got Blood!

The anger and disappointment from the other day has finally gone after I successfully cannulated a patient. The call came through for an explosion in a coffee shop in one of the smaller airports that are located around the city. …

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25th January 2014

Day 3 in JoBurg: Three little words

The continued adventures of the Merit Trainee Paramedic in Johannesburg.....   Last night was my very first night shift and I was going to be doing it with a new crew in a different part of Johannesburg. After arriving down …

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